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Established in April 1998 ABCom quickly became the largest and most reliable ISP in the country.

April 1998 ABCom was created, as the largest and most successful ISP in Albania.

1998 installs the first VSAT station in Albania, becoming sales representative of Loral Orion company .

1999 ABCom offers first broadband service (DSL line & Wireless).

2000 ABCom becomes the exclusive representative of Patton Kosova, Albania and Macedonia.

2001 ABCom takes Regional ISP license and extends its activities in the cities of Durres and Elbasan.

2003 ABCom expands its services activity: Shkodër, Kruje, Fushe Kruje, Rinas.

2004 ABCom receives National ISP license.

2005 ABCom extends its activity covering a large part of the territory of Albania in other cities: Fier, Vlora, Lezha etc...

2005 ABCom implements the latest innovative technology, fiber optics .

2005 ABCom offers the new quality product: Telebota.

2006 ABCom completes the biggest internet network in Albania, covering 70% of the population with its national network.

2007 ABCom extends both International upstreams in 4xSTM1.

2008 ABCom changes the ownership and management of the equity in the company.

2009 ABCom starts extending the HFC network in Tirana, Vlora, Shkodra. Fiber optic infrastructure is set up, and for the first time in the Albanian residential market, the "3 in 1" service is introduced. Meanwhile, market share in business services was consolidated . Products / brand portfolio: (a) digital cable television; (b) Internet (c) Telephone.


ABCom Profile

ABCOM is the first service provider, that has implemented digital technology in Albania and is innovative in providing services of high digital quality, based on the latest technologies such as cable, optical fiber, ADSL, ADLS 2+, Wireless, phone cards, etc.

ABCOM based in Tirana operates through its independent network of fiber, copper and wireless broadcasts, covering over 75% of the territory of Albania: Shkodra, Lezha Kruja Fushe Kruje, Rinas Tirana, Durres, Elbasan, Cërrik, Korçë Pogradec, Lushnje, Fier, Vlora etc.

With a wide geographical coverage and wide range of services, ABCOM is committed to fulfilling the demands and needs of its clients, corporations or households. ABCom is oriented towards identifying and developing products and services for the future, based on the latest developments of global technology.

The geographic coverage of the company's services includes the cities of Tirana, Shkodra, Lezha Kruje, Lac, Elbasan, Durres, Lushnje, Kuçovë, Fier, Vlora, Librazhd, Pogradec, Korca, etc...

ABCom's points of sale are currently in 6 cities and will soon be extended to the entire country.

- Tiranë (8 stores)

- Vlorë (2 stores)

- Shkodër (3 stores)

- Lushnje (1 store)

- Durres (3 stores)

- Elbasan (1 store)

- Fier (2 stores)

- Kruje (1 store)

- Pogradec(1 store)

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