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ABCom logo and other graphic identification elements of ABCom Mark , are an important asset of the company and certain rules and standards must be followed in order to use them.

ABCom logo can be used in all official and unofficial company communications , sponsorships and promotions.

Product specific logos such as those 3N1, Internet, phone and television are used in specific cases, marketing campaigns and promotions for each of them.

For more information on the use and their graphical rules and formats intended for print, send your request to marketing@abcom.al specifying the reason of use.


You can download ABCom logo and other elements of the brand in the format. jpg in the link below:

- Logo ABCom (459x171)

- Logo 3N1 (330x270)

- Logo Internet (217x238)

- Logo Televizion (262x221)

- Logo Telefoni (218x233)


Logos and ABCom's brand elements are trademarks and registered patents.

All rights reserved ABCom sh.p.k 2018

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