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  1. Telephone price changes.

    Tirana December 2011

    Now you can communicate to any destination in the world with the cheapest tariffs on the market. From 20 December 2011, you can speak 20-30% cheaper than before, saving up to 80% of your monthly bill.

    Click here for more detailed information, which reflects the tariffs per minute, VAT included.

  2. InfoCom Albania honors ABCom with the “Triple Play Business Excellence” award.

    Tirana December 2011

    The 3rd InfoCom Albanian Telecom Forum was held on Tuesday 6 December 2011 at Sheraton Hotel Tirana, addressed the topic «Digital Albania: The road to broadband» that is expected to be the main attraction for Telecommunication industry and Information Technology.

    The conference is organized by Smart Press S.A., one of the leading media companies in this field, owner of numerous technology websites, printed magazines publisher and renowned conference organizer.

    The 3rd InfoCom Albanian Telecom Forum was the next event of the line of highly successful events organized by Smart Press SA over the last 14 years in Greece and Cyprus. Focused to the future, the main theme of the 3rd InfoCom Albanian Telecom Forum was “Digital Albania: the road to broadband”. Main goal of the 3rd InfoCom Albanian Telecom Forum is to turn a meeting point for entrepreneurs and business policy as well as for all stakeholders - in other words, an institution for the exchange of views and different proposals in the Albanian market of ICT.

    The aim of the Forum of the 3rd InfoCom Albanian Telecommunications was to highlight the implementation of broadband investment as a very significant tool for the development of any economy, refer problems and the necessary institutional reforms. Also it raised questions and suggestions, so that the country can move rapidly towards the Information Society and Knowledge.

    The 3rd InfoCom Albanian Telecom Forum was organized in 3 sessions:

    Session 1:Infrastructure and Next Generation Networks

    This session is dedicated to opinions and presentations from companies that will undertake the implementation of landline and wireless Next Generation Networks, as well as specialists who will describe the technologies that will be implemented and the business models that will support these implementations, in order to ensure the viability of investments needed to meet the goal.

    Session 2: Executive Directors Summit: Citius-Altius-Fortius

    Political and institutions personalities of the country present their opinions on all these topics, along with executives of telecommunication operators who will outline their future expectations and rapid series of events in the Albanian telecommunication market.

    Session 3: InfoCom Albania Awards

    The conference was closed with InfoCom Albania Awards which honored and reward companies and leaders who bring innovation in products and services. Awards goal was public recognition of the efforts and efficiency of all those who have contributed their creativity and passion for market growth and technological advances in Albania.

    Among other companies, ABCom was one of the companies that were honored with the - Triple Play Business Excellence, award, to make public the efforts and effectiveness of all those who have contributed their creativity and passion for growth market and technology evolution.

  3. Automatic Debit through your bank

    Tirana March 2011

    To facilitate transactions services, ABCOM enables you perform monthly payments via automatic debit from your Bank account:

    • This service is only valid for 1-year subscriptions to the Internet or TV, with monthly payments.
    • Client must authorize his bank to make automatic monthly payments from his account, to the ABCOM account, for the contract period.
    • By using this service, you will get preferential prices.
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