Official ABCom Home Phone Prices

Monthly subscription period

Subscription monthly fee (Lek/month)*
Subscription monthly fee
Installation fee**
Registration fee
Modem Deposit
1.500 Lek Cable modem/tel

  * Prices include VAT

** No monthly fee when you get 3N1 service or Internet package with 12 month subscription.

Any subscriber of telephone service with ABCom numbering, new or existing costumer, can choose one of these Offers:

  • Subscription monthly Fee + 100 Minutes to National numbers and International (Zone 1), for a monthly fee of 300 lek/muaj.
  • Subscription monthly Fee + 200 Minutes to National numbers with all operators in Albania, for a monthly fee of 500 lek/muaj.


Telephony prices from October 22, 2016


Prices including VAT (Lek/min)
Albania ABCom Network FREE
Albania all Fix 3.5
Albania Mobile networks 18
Zone 1 8
Zone 2 20
Zone 3 40
Zone 4 80
Zone 5 110
Zone 6 200
Zone 7 550
Zone 8 1500
  • Cable Modem Deposit is 2000 Lek.
  • All prices include VAT.


Telephony Offer

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Advantages of ABCom telephone service

  • ABCom offers fixed telephone line service that brings a new way of communicating, with lower prices and controllable at any time
  • Recharge depending on your needs
  • Itemised and controllable bill via Internet, as the number of calls / date / time / duration of calls made
  • Total call charges
  • This service plan also includes:
    • Caller ID
    • Identification of missed calls
    • Call blocking
    • Last number redial
    • List of favorite numbers, etc...
  • Full technical support 24/7
  • ABCom will install and configure the equipment at your home
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