ABCom provides a secure connection with your domain name, Domain Name Service (DNS), an application in which our servers resolve queries for this name into an IP address for the purpose of locating your domain name on the WEB.

We serve a wide range of customers who require their presence on the Internet, from individuals to large businesses and corporations.

The first step in creating a website is the registration of a domain name. Each domain name consists of two parts (labels), the chosen name and top-level domain (TLD) name, separated by dots (. com, .org, .net). Once you have registered the domain name and you have created your website, in order to publish it on the Internet you will need to put it live on a server (Host).

So if you have a website or you are planning to create one, we provide the hosting service that will fulfill your requirements.


We offer:

  • Registration of Domain name (Domain name: .com, .org, .net). If you haven’t got a domain name, we can help you enroll your name in the InterNIC or register it at AKEP(domains ending .al).
  • Only for 25 Euro per year you can have a domain name on the Internet.


  • A complete package that includes the Domain Name Service, 5 e-mail addresses, 1 database and the publication of your website.
  • We provide a stable, fast and safe space for your website.
  • A simple control panel (Cpanel) to manage your users and e-mails.

Technical Specifications:

  • Machine Engine: HP Proliant
  • OS: BlueQuartz 5100R, Linux CentOS
  • Webserver: Apache 2
  • PHP: 5.x
  • MySQL: 5.x
  • Webmail: OpenWebmail 2.52
  • Mailserver: Sendmail
  • FTP server: VSFTPD
  • Web Statistika: Webalizer
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