Wireless Broadband

ABCom in response to the requirements of small and large businesses to access high-speed Internet, offers Wireless Broadband. Wireless Broadband is a service with high reliability and performance and guarantees the bandwidth according to customer requirements. Based on IEEE Standard 802.11b / g, it offers speeds up to 54Mbps.

Wireless technology is applied in areas where cable infrastructure has not reached yet. This technology fits according to the specific requirements that customers have. Data transmission is done by radio waves. The only condition for this service to be realized is that it should provide the place and position where the antenna should be placed in order to have a clean signal with visibility towards one of our distribution points.

The technology we use is modern technology, Motorola Canopy.


What are the advantages of this technology?

High performance, the technology we use significantly increases the quality of the data transmission and minimizes interference leading so to a high-quality service.

Upload and download speed is very high. Point-to-multipoint system offers speeds from 512 Kbps to 14 Mbps and point-to-point from 10Mbps to 300 Mbps.

Higher security, the platform also provides high security through encryption DES (Data Encryption Standard) and through AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), which implements 128-bit key encryption which ensures secure transmission of data and greater reliability.

Easy to install and configure.

The main problem in this connection is the distance of SM to AP, if the distance is large, then there will be a decline in performance. The ideal transmission distance between SM and AP, for a better service is 7-8 Km.

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